Ask us questions by phone

415-989-SFSI (7374)

We strive to be available from 3-9pm PT on Monday through Thursday, and 1-4pm PT on Saturday, but aren’t always able to fill every shift.  If we aren’t able to answer your call, please try calling back another day.  Thank you!

Ask us questions by email

Our volunteers may take up to a week for e-mail responses. For urgent questions or just quicker answers, please call our phone switchboard instead! Our trained switchboard volunteers will answer your questions or refer you to someone who can.

We are not a phone sex service. We do not accept calls of that nature. Volunteers will terminate calls that are abusive or inappropriate.


  • Our switchboard is now open Saturdays! Call us between 1PM and 4PM at 415-989-7374.
  • Looking for information on HPV? Visit our Resources!