AIDS/HIV Nightline
Hours: 5 p.m.-5 a.m. nightly
(800) 628-9240 (National),
(415) 434-2437 (Bay Area)
(800) 303-7432 (Spanish – CA only)

CDC Info Line
General info line for the Center for Disease Control
Hours: 24 hours
(800) 232-4636 (English & Spanish)

Post-abortion counseling talkline for greater Bay Area – Spanish services available
Hours: Mon-Fri 5-10pm Pacific
(866) 4-EXHALE

GLBTQ Youth Listening Line
Staffed by peer counselors, information, support, referrals for GLBTQ youth (under 23 only)
Hours: Mon-Fri 4 pm-10 pm Eastern
(800) 399-PEER (English and Spanish)

Gay and Lesbian Helpline
Information, referrals, and support
(888) 340-GLBT

For battered women in Bay Area; offers services in English and Spanish, including a 24-hour crisis line.
333 Valencia St, Suite 450
(415) 864-4722 or (877) 384-3578