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Has excellent articles on both male and female masturbation, among other sexual health topics.

A good web site about female sexuality, including anatomy (with pictures), female masturbation, sex toy reviews, and other sex topics
Very comprehensive site on male masturbation

The Koi Sex Tutorials: Masturbation
Good basic information on female and male masturbation techniques as well as masturbation for two.

Let’s Masturbate
Masturbation tips and techniques

Sex For One: The Joy of Selfloving by Betty Dodson, published by Three Rivers Press [Buy]
For more than 20 years, Betty Dodson has been dedicated to taking the shame out of masturbation, showing it to be a healthy form of sexual expression. With warmth and intelligence, and informative line drawings, Dodson explains how anyone can learn to fully enjoy the pleasures of self-love, pointing out that masturbation is still the safest sex.
ISBN 0517886073

Sex Tutor: Masturbation
Tips on technique for female and male masturbation.
A site dedicated to women’s sexual pleasure and health, with an emphasis on pleasure anatomy.