Recommended Videos

These are the videos we recommend. Every time you follow these links to and buy items, donates a portion of the proceeds to SFSI to support our mission to provide free, confidential, accurate, non-judgemental information about sex.

Ageless Desire (DVD) [Buy]
Juliet Anderson (aka Aunt Peg) produced and directed this movie and stars in one segment. It features three real-life, over 50 couples demonstrating that even with changing bodies and desires, with a little creativity and sense of humor, it’s still possible to have an active and fulfilling sex life later in life.
Bend Over Boyfriend
Educational video about anal pleasure for men, in the context of a heterosexual relationship.–i-8-7-ML-BE02–m-74
Female Ejaculation for Couples (DVD) [Buy]
Deborah Sundahl presents her expert advice on how to achieve female orgasm with demonstrations by three couples and extreme close-up shots of the G-spot and female ejactulations in action.
Ultimate Kiss: Sensual Guide to Oral Lovemaking by Jacqueline Franklin, published by Media Press (2001) [Buy]
Available as both a book and a video. A good guide to oral sex. Warning: the video is cheesy and star’s the members of the A-Team. Caveat Emptor. May be dated.
ISBN 0917181174