SFSI can come to you! And it is FREE! Our energetic, knowledgeable, approachable speakers are available for talks on a wide variety of subjects. We can even help you decide on a topic for your group.

We give talks to university classes, professors, instructors, researchers, college students, college staff, parenting groups, teachers, clubs, sports teams, support groups, schools, and organizations of all kinds. We’ll do our best to match you with a speaker who has expertise with your group demographics and topic choices.

All our speakers have completed the SFSI 60-hour training and have experience presenting a variety of sex-ed topics such as FDA-approved birth control, emergency contraception, accessing sexual health services, how-to’s, relationship communication skills, enthusiastic consent, and more!

To get started, send an email to the SFSI Speaker’s Bureau speakers@SFSI.org and tell us about your group and your ideas. We’ll be in touch to refine your program and set a date.



Meet Our Speakers!

Patty Allen-Stott (Sailor Jerri)

Patty Allen-Stott
I graduated from UC Davis Majoring in Women & Gender Studies emphasizing Human Sexuality and minored in Psychology focusing on human development.  I spent the last three years of my undergraduate studies conducting research on the way children develop a sense of gender roles/identity and how this is expressed through toys/play.  I identify as queer however I have only been in a sexual relationship with one person, additionally I am this person’s only sexual partner. I have worked as a Health Educator for Students (Middle School, High School, and College Freshman) lecturing on Risk Reduction.  I have also worked in the Sex Industry as a Smut Peddler for Camouflage.  I worked for Camouflage for over 6 years as the Sales Manager & Education Director. I have done additional work in the Sex Industry as a Voice Over Artist and I am a contributing Author to a number of Risk Reduction and Feminist publications.


Sandra Daugherty

Sandra Daugherty

Sandra punches sexual shame in the face. She is known the world over for her podcast, “Sex Nerd Sandra.” At once irreverent and educational, the show has earned a top spot on iTunes. Its loyal listenership (over 10 million downloads) is vocal about Sandra’s impact, describing her as “inspiring” with “contagious enthusiasm” and an “awesome nerd-like ability that [she’s] not afraid to show.” Her weekly podcast has run since 2011 under the Nerdist Industries banner with no end in sight. Brimming with book smarts and street smarts, Sandra is passionately committed to creating a safe space for each person’s unique intimate needs. Her methods include heavy doses of physical comedy, playful insight and surprising disclosure. Learn more at Sex Nerd Sandra.[http://sexnerdsandra.com]


Isadora Alman, MFT

Isadora Alman
I am Isadora Alman, MFT, a California licensed psychotherapist and counselor and a Board certified sexologist. I am a former radio talk show host and frequent radio and TV guest, and a lecturer and workshop leader on a variety of communications topics. “Ask Isadora,” my syndicated advice column, appeared in news weeklies nationwide for more than twenty-five years. Learn more at Ask Isadora. [http://www.askisadora.com/]


Melina Winterton, MPH

Melina Winterton
Melina helps adults talk with youth about sexual health, and has been doing this for over 15 years. She holds a Master’s in Public Health from Eastern Virginia Medical School. Her clients include the California Department of Education, Berkeley City College, Pacific Gas and Electric, Argosy University, and countless pediatricians, teachers, policy makers, and educational administrators. Why are sexual health conversations so triggering for both adults and minors? Melina addresses this core issue and provides fun, science-based, accessible suggestions for opening healthy dialogue. Learn more at Health Squid. [http://healthsquid.com]