SFSI can come to you! And it is FREE! Our energetic, knowledgeable, approachable speakers are available for talks on a wide variety of subjects. We can even help you decide on a topic for your group.

We give talks to university classes, professors, instructors, researchers, college students, college staff, parenting groups, teachers, clubs, sports teams, support groups, schools, and organizations of all kinds. We’ll do our best to match you with a speaker who has expertise with your group demographics and topic choices.

All our speakers have completed the SFSI 60-hour training and have experience presenting a variety of sex-ed topics such as FDA-approved birth control, emergency contraception, accessing sexual health services, how-to’s, relationship communication skills, enthusiastic consent, and more!

To get started, send an email to the SFSI Speaker’s Bureau speakers@SFSI.org and tell us about your group and your ideas. We’ll be in touch to refine your program and set a date.