Frequently Asked Questions

We love getting emails! Unfortunately we have limited capacity to respond, so we wrote up answers to some frequent inquiries here. If you email us one of the questions below, or for information which is already on our site, we may not reply. Other questions are welcome!

Here’s some information about me; I’m really excited about the training. How I can get in?

We’re so happy you’re excited. Please channel that excitement into your application and interview! We prioritize accepting students who can stay in a learning mode, who have somewhere to use the information, who bring diversity to the training class, and who are able to volunteer afterwards.

The dates for the next training aren’t on the website – what are they?

If there are no dates listed here for the next training, it’s because they haven’t been set yet. Please check back!

Do you offer a remote version of training, or can you set one up for me via video call or conference?

Unfortunately the training is highly interactive and there is no remote version.

I want to apply but can’t afford it. How do I apply for a scholarship?

We offer generous scholarships but their exact amount depends on the budget available at the time. The application process is simple, and happens after interviews. You’ll hear more about that process at the interview itself.

I saw on the website that your policy and/or deadline is X…but can you make an exception for me?

We are sure you are wonderful but no, we cannot.